Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long time, no blog!

Ok, so I quit my job over a month ago and I have still not blogged! Bad girl.... There are several things to tell now where to begin?! :) I will start with Elizabeth's room....

A few months ago when thinking about adding on to the Parks Family we decided that Elizabeth could no longer have 2 bedrooms and that the office was too full for the spare bedrooms stuff. So, we decided that the queen bed in her room was no longer feasible and that she was going to need a twin bed. Now, if you know me, you know that I can't make anything with the house simple these days and that I have to either paint something or make it from scratch. So, we did a little bit of everything to make her room idea come to "life". We repainted Elizabeth's existing dresser and her shadow box and Tony built her bed and desk from scratch!!! I am so lucky to have him, he is game for whatever I ask of him, how wonderful!!! The bed was his first EVER piece of furniture to build and I couldn't be any more amazed with it! Love it and love him even more! :) Below are some pictures of her room, we still have just a couple of things to do but not much!

This was the start of all of her room ideas, I found this on someones blog and thought it was SOOO cool!! How many little girls have a bed that they need a ladder to get into?! :) By the way, her ladder has yet to be built so she's using one of daddy's step ladders. ha, ha... It works!

And here is Elizabeth's completed bed!!! I made the curtains for it and attached the pom pom's, it was so fun making them exactly how I wanted! P.S. The drawers at the bottom of the bed are so huge that we don't come anywhere close to being able to fill them up. So awesome!!! Also, to the left of the bed was just a small amount of wall space but too much to just waste so I decided that shelving would be awesome there and it was super easy for Tony just to cut the shelves to fit and now we have even more storage space for books and such.

This is the awesome desk he built and we painted to match her dresser. I found a picture of one that I liked and he built it WAY prettier than the picture so I won't even bother to post the "idea" pic because it is FAR pale in comparison. :) Also, I had been searching for a chair for her everywhere and finally decided to check out one of the antique stores in Collinsville and found one for $17 and I just need to paint the wood and recover it in a coordinating upholstery, it has the perfect shape and is really sturdy! And to think that most places want around $200 for something like this! I would rather make it my own with some paint and fabric!

Another pic of my antique store find...

Her old dresser turned "new" and the same for her shadow box....

The photo board I made to go above her desk..

This was an AWESOME find!!! I really wanted a vintage looking blanket or quilt for the end of the bed and had given up and decided one day that I needed to clean out my linen closets and rearrange everything and when I was pulling out blankets I found the perfect one!! My great grandma always made us little quilts and she had made this one for my baby brother when he was born. It's so perfect in the way it looks and it has such a special meaning to me.

And, finally, what's a room without curtains?! I thought she definitely needed something for her window and I wanted it to match her bed's curtain so I made one for the window, too. This was my very first time to make anything like this and it was super fun! I do think that i need to add some more fabric on the back because when the sun is shining through really bright they are a bit see through.

Whew, I think that's all for this post. This bedroom has definitely made me want to change some more things in my house. So fun!!!

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the very best friend ever....

Have I mentioned how much I love my bestie?? she is the absolute best, so smart, witty and good looking.. I am so blessed to have her in my life.. even when she is having to listen to boring training for work..we still have so much fun!! I even love her when she is big, fat and pregnant...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Prayer Request

I know this may be a duplicate request for many of you but I wanted this to reach as many people as it possibly could. My very best friend's precious baby girl, Ella, has been in the hospital for the last couple of weeks. The first diagnosis was meningitis but now they are saying it is a genetic disorder, mitochondrial DNA depletion, the worst case scenario for Jen & Jay as Jay's cousin, Amy, lost 2 precious babies to this awful disease. Please, please keep them in your prayers, we know our God can work big miracles. Below is a link to Jennifer's blog for more information on baby Ella.

http://www. jenmagee. blogspot. com/

Thank you,


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la....

So, Tony & I attempted to take some pictures of our house in full holiday gear but the pictures just weren't quite up to par.... Just then, my superhero photographer friend, Kristen, came to the rescue! Ok, she's not a superhero, but she has mad photography skills and to my advantage lives right down the street. :) Thank you SO, SO much Kristen! Here are 3 of the pictures she took for us while she was here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1st attempt at blogging

Several months ago my best friend, Jennifer, talked me into creating a blog and not being much of a writer I have put it off for too long. So, here goes my first attempt! :)

My name is Erin, I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter, Elizabeth. A little over a year ago I met a wonderful christian man named Tony and we married on July 19, 2008. I had always dreamed that a man like this could exist but had been convinced that he wasn't going to come my way anytime soon. God had a different plan! :) Life is great! We built a house over the summer and are all settled in and doing all the domestic stuff that I think we are supposed to be doing! We attend Eastside Baptist Church and have great friends and family. Here are a few pics of our wedding and a pic of the new house to get things started. Happy December!